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BidFax - Auction history of all vehicles sold on largest online auto markets - Copart and IAAI!

An increasing number of Poles, Ukrainians and representatives of other nationalities decide to import a car from the USA. Pre-owned cars are relatively cheap, well-maintained and often well-equipped. Are you also considering them? Before you decide to buy a specific car, you should analyze its history. To make it easier for you, we have added a feature to our website which gives you access to the car auctions archive from Copart and IAAI insurance companies' websites. It's free of charge, so don’t hesitate to check it out now!

How does BidCars auction history work?

By using our US car auction archive, you will avoid the risk of buying a vehicle from a dishonest seller. It allows you to quickly track the archived data on sales of car models of the brand you are interested in. If you have already selected a particular car, you will find it by its VIN number or a unique identifier from the auction house (lot / stock).

The information presented on the website is the history of auctions from Copart and IAAI websites, which are the biggest American insurance companies. The data is downloaded automatically, and with BidCars you have access to it completely free of charge! You can use it to check the seller's reliability, as well as to find your dream car from the United States.

What auction data is available?

When browsing through BidCars archived car auctions in the USA, you can find a wealth of valuable data about them, such as:

The database covers all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks and motorcycles. It is free to browse and the data is updated on a regular basis – make use of it today!