The vehicle purchase process

Are you interested in importing cars from the USA? Check out our guide on how the process of purchasing a vehicle from the USA unfolds on our website. We explain everything that's important, step by step. From now on, US car auctions will have no secrets for you.

4 Steps to Buying a Vehicle with BidCars

To make the import of vehicles from the USA clear and transparent, we've created the BidCars service. Auctions are conducted without intermediaries, with no hidden costs - you're the one making all the decisions! You choose the car you want to bid on and the amount you're willing to pay, and we help you win the auction! Importantly, at BidCars, there are no costs incurred before you win a bid on a car.

Registration and participation in the auction are free! We only require a refundable deposit to secure your bidding. BidCars allows you to quickly and easily order auctions, purchase, and ship vehicles, with an option for "doorstep" delivery. BidCars stands for 100% transparency and full awareness of the costs incurred, as well as control over the location of your vehicle.


Step 1

Find your dream car

Find your dream car from the USA. Our search engine and detailed filters will make it easy for you to browse through our car database. At BidCars, you don't need to create an account to view the cars and auctions that interest you.

You only need to create an account when you want to participate in an auction. The registration and account activation process is straightforward and will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Once registered, you'll have the opportunity to track all the vehicles you're interested in from one tab. You'll also gain:

  • the ability to add cars to your watchlist,
  • the ability to view final prices of archived offers,

Our portal is constantly evolving - each month, we introduce additional conveniences.

Create a free account

Step 2

Make a Refundable Deposit

A refundable deposit is required so you can participate in auctions – this is a requirement of the auction houses Copart and IAAI. We do not charge any fees for participating in auctions - if you wish to withdraw from cooperation, you can order a refund of the deposit from your customer panel.

Once the deposit is booked into our account, you will have the opportunity to place bids the same day. If you win the auction, the funds will be frozen until you pay for the vehicle. If you lose, the deposit will be automatically released. Use it to bid on another vehicle, or refund the funds to your bank account under the "Deposit Refund". Remember, the deposit enables you to participate in auctions up to the limit set for your account.

  • Basic Plan - a deposit of 4,000 PLN / 1,000 USD / 900 EUR allows you to bid up to $10,000 and bid on up to 5 vehicles at the same time,
  • Professional Plan - a deposit of 10,000 PLN / 2,500 USD / 2,250 EUR allows you to bid up to $50,000 and bid on up to 10 vehicles at the same time,
  • Enterprise Plan - a deposit of 20,000 PLN / 5,000 USD / 4,500 EUR allows you to bid up to $200,000 and bid on up to 20 vehicles at the same time,

Step 3

The auction starts right now – feel
the thrill of the action!

Set the maximum amount you're willing to pay for a given vehicle. The calculator provided on the page will help you sum up all the costs. Your order will be accepted - the vehicle will be auctioned by BidCars during the live auction of the auction house.

Remember that the vehicle auction in the USA is divided into two consecutive stages:

  • preliminary bidding (Pre-Bid) – a several-day-long bidding process, starting from $0,
  • live auction – a fast auction that starts with the highest offer from the preliminary bidding. If there are no interested parties, the highest offer from the preliminary bidding wins.

In the case when the BidCars user's offer is higher than the highest offer from the preliminary bidding in the auction house, the user is represented by our team during the live auction up to the maximum amount set by themselves - this way you ensure the highest effectiveness in the auction and the possibility of buying the vehicle at the lowest possible price.

Step 4

Pay for the vehicle and... wait for it to arrive!

After the auction has been won by BidCars, you'll receive bank transfer details and instructions for making an international transfer to the USA.

Once the funds are booked, we'll pick up your vehicle and take additional photos.

We stay in touch with you throughout the entire process of importing the vehicle from the USA. You can check the status of your vehicle on our website, and in case of customs clearance at the port in Rotterdam, we'll handle all the formalities.

All you need to do is wait for your new car to be delivered to your doorstep!

Visit the "Post-Purchase Process" tab to familiarize yourself with our schedule, which outlines a detailed action plan for after winning a vehicle, including the subsequent steps in the import process.

Post-Purchase Process