Auction process

The bidding starts with a Preliminary Bidding (Pre-Bid). The time till the end the preliminary bidding is determined on our website in the place indicated in screenshots below.

The Preliminary Bidding time is usually 7-30 days. On the last day of Preliminary Bidding, a live bidding takes place. It is a short bidding form that usually takes no more than 30 seconds and starts with the amount at which the Preliminary Bidding was finished. The Preliminary Bidding aims to raise the amount for the vehicle enough so as to limit the number of bidders during the live bidding and to finish it quickly without an over-involvement of the auctioneer in the conduction of each bidding from $0.

In the event where the bid of the BidCars user is higher than the amount of the completed Preliminary Bidding, the bid is represented by our team during the live bidding up to the maximum amount determined by the user. In the case of successful bidding, the user receives a bill from the auction house confirming that he/she won the vehicle along with any information regarding the final amount. The live bidding is not publicly visible.